Kettlebrook Membership Classes

In the natural world, we recognize it as unfortunate when someone is without a family. It's the same thing in the spiritual world. At Kettlebrook, when someone is interested in becoming a member, they are willing to be part of our local family. This does not result in more privileges, as much as it results in more responsibility (just like a family). Our members are those people who are committed to Christ and to our local expression of His Church. They help to carry the vision and values of the Kingdom of God wherever they go. Here at Kettlebrook, we are not as interested in a large membership "roll" as we are interested in family who are together on mission with us to make Jesus known.

The membership process at Kettlebrook currently involves:

1. Participation in 2 - 2 hour "Rebar" classes to process the basics of our faith in Christ.

2. Participation in 1 - 2 hour "Capstone" class to process the basics of our specific vision and values.

3. Participation in a small group or discipleship group to maintain ongoing community.

4. Participation in serving within our faith family on a regular basis.

Next series of membership classes: Fall 2019

  • November 3, December 1, January 5

To register or get more information, fill out the ONLINE FORM.

The homework resources, including audio recordings and worksheets, can be found below. The cost will be $8 for the book.

Membership Class Materials:

  • Membership Homework Packet
  • Purchase "Christian Beliefs" by Wayne Grudem for $8 at Kettlebrook Office
  • Optional messages are linked below