sunday gatherings

what to expect on sunday's

Through our Sunday morning gatherings, we strive to experience the love of God, as seen in the person and work of Jesus Christ. We sing songs that remind us of who God is and what God's done. We hear teaching that reminds us of God's deep love for us, that allows us to be his sons and his daughters. Our hope is that gathering together as a spiritual family, and regularly being reminded of these truths, will help us live them out in our normal, everyday lives.

Our weekly Sunday morning gatherings are casual; people come as they would to a friend’s house, and even our pastors are often seen in jeans. The music at our gatherings is upbeat and is usually led by a band consisting of guitars, drums, keyboard, and bass. Occasionally, we will sing some of the older classics of the faith.

Our gatherings last approximately 65 minutes, of which roughly half will be spent hearing a message taught from the Bible. Other things you might see are worship music, video clips, personal stories, prayer and an offering (we are very clear that this is not intended for visitors and guests!).

Our Ministry to Children is staffed by competent and caring adults who have your children's best interest in mind. They will care for, teach, and engage children during the entire gathering time.