Current sermon Series

Why are we here on earth?


Have you ever wondered that? 


As we travel to soccer games, change dirty diapers, pay bills, receive and reply to a myriad of emails and texts, tally a seemingly endless to-do list around the house, and try to manage the numerous relationships we all have, sometimes the days seem to run together and we wonder, why? We wonder: Is this all there is? Is this what life is all about? Isn't there more than just my life and my schedule and my needs?


The answer to the “why” question is one that existed before us and will exist after us. The answer is:  mission. We were created to be caught up in God's great mission of rescuing and redeeming His creation, or, as we say it, helping others follow Jesus.


Join us, beginning September 13th, as we ask 5 questions that will help us frame both how we view and how we participate in God's mission:


Do you believe God is a missional God?

Do you have eyes to see the mission field God has put in your lives?

Do you have lives that are available? 

Do you have hands and feet that are ready to serve?

Are you equipped and ready for your lips to speak?

Our current live-streamed gatherings can be watched any time on the Media: West Bend page or on our Kettlebrook YouTube page.