Current Message Series


What would happen if we were set free? ...truly set free from what binds us? What would our families look like? ...our work? ...our free-time? ...our relationships?

Having laid down the foundation of our faith in Jesus, the Apostle Paul now shows us what new life in Christ looks like - life unbound, and set free from that which bound us before: sin, death, Law, guilt, bondage, requirement, punishment, condemnation, captivity, self-righteousness, fear... We have been unbound and made free from sin & death to experience righteousness & new life in Christ.

Through the work and love of Jesus, we have been unbound from our slavery & bondage to the old way of life, and have been made free to fully experience new life in the Kingdom, and to bring good news about this new life to those in bondage.

Join us as we work through Romans 6-8.