Kettlebrook seeks to partner with people who are taking

the Good News of Jesus to places:

Where the Name of Jesus is Not Known

Where the Church is Underrepresented

Where there Exists Intense Suffering

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Eric and Mollie

serving in chad, africa

Eric, Mollie and their family live in Chad, Africa. Eric is a doctor and is working at the clinic in the village of Am Timam, as well as visiting villages for relationship building, healthcare, and outreach purposes. The area is 99% Muslim. The team's ultimate goal is to plant churches in Am Timam and the surrounding areas.

dave and rebecca

Chicago and beyond

After living in SE Asia since 1995, training, discipling, and encouraging Southeast Asian Christians to reach out to their Muslim neighbors, this family has relocated to the Chicagoland area to reach out to the 500,000 Muslims living there. They continue to also disciple Muslim background Christians in SE Asia through regular trainings and trips. Their goal is that churches are planted, and ultimately, that Christ's name is praised and worshipped among the Muslim people of Southeast Asia and in the Chicagoland area.

Szabolcs Kerekes

Serving in Hungary

By building relationships where communication, honesty, and caring for others are valued, Szabolcs reaches out to both teens and adults who are skeptical of Christ and Christianity. Szabolcs is a sought after trainer for church leaders and pastors, and has written very cutting-edge ministry books for the Hungarian church.  

"B" Family

Serving in Russia

The "B" family have lived and served among unreached people groups in Russia for 25 years. They are the strategic coordinators and mentors for those serving among these groups.

Specific prayer needs:

  • Please pray for the team working on the Eastern Russian Translation (ERT) full-bible audio recording project.  P

    ray none of the voice actors would be drafted into the Russian army.
  • Pray for their Bible teaching prep for Spring 2023 gatherings with Muslim background believers in Moscow and Eurasia.  

mark and jenny

Serving in Africa

Mark and Jenny serve in Burundi, equipping and empowering local church leaders to reach out to unreached Burundian people groups.  

Specific Prayer Needs:

  • Please pray that Mark and Jenny would identify the right local partners to work with, and that their family would settle into their new life in Burundi.

Chris and beth

Serving in Asia

Both Chris and Beth are professionals who have heard God’s call on their lives to move their family to Asia. Their hope is to use their professions to live and work among a very large, rural, Muslim unreached people group.   

They are currently learning the first of 2 difficult languages that they need to learn (the language of the country where they live and the language of the people group with whom they will work), and adjusting to life as a family in their new context.

Andy and Brittney

serving in East Africa

Andy and Brittney are working in a large, predominantly Muslim city.  Of the seven unreached people groups there, their team attempts to engage the largest three through business for transformation.  Together, they run a tourism company devoted to seeking opportunities for life-on-life discipleship with the people they interact with and employ.  Their three boys keep them busy as well!

brooke bateman

Serving in romania, asia pacific and tanzania

Brooke works with Wycliffe Bible Translators to serve and support Deaf in Sign Language!  There are approximately 400 Sign Languages in the world and Wycliffe longs to see the unreached Deaf population flourishing in the community and being transformed by the Word of God in a language of their hearts.


Specific prayer needs: 

  • Wisdom in how to come alongside, equip and support the Deaf in a way that they are taking full ownership and development of their translation projects.
  • Wisdom in language learning. Brooke is now fluent in Romanian Sign Language. Pray for her as she continues to study and learn several other sign languages.
  • Wisdom in dealing with various cultures.
  • Wisdom in how disciple the Deaf in her community.
  • For a humble heart, grace to continue this work, and a steadfast love for Jesus in her heart.

john and hannah

Serving in Asia

John is a third-generation farmer using his profession as a fruit tree consultant to enable their family to live and work among a very large, rural, Muslim unreached people group.

Specific prayer needs: 

  • God to send a new employee for their business who is a good fit for their vision and mission
  • More opportunities to share the gospel in the far west of the country
  • Their family of three children - pray for great family peace, unity and health as mom homeschools and dad travels for the business

friends of kettlebrook church

Esperanza Viva     |     911 Life

Living Hope: esperanza viva

rescuing children training leaders

Esperanza Viva, located in Puebla, Mexico, provides for the emotional, physical, educational, and social needs of at-risk children, youth, and families, as well as to equip, support, and send leaders to areas of need throughout the world. 

Learn more: Living Hope International

911 Life

Tom and Jen Atwater, along with their 4 children, live in Medellin Colombia. They are the founders of 911 Life which is a ministry that seeks to both bring about the restoration and transformation of at-risk children and families through the powerful love of Jesus, and also to train and equip Christian believers worldwide. Their mission center is both a training center for missionaries as well as a safe location for their full-time care program LIFE which assists at-risk single mothers and their children, helping them in their spiritual, physical, intellectual, social and professional growth. They seek to change Colombia one family at a time.

Learn more: