Resources for missional Living

Missional Self-reflection Tool - this document is meant to help you assess how ready you are to live on mission.  Answering the following questions:

  • Do you believe that God is a missional God?
  • Do you have eyes to see the mission field that God has put in your life?
  • Do you have a life available?
  • Do you have hands and feet that are ready to serve?
  • Are you equipped and ready for your lips to speak?

Links to Resources for above document:

resources:  Good Friday / Easter

Video Resources from The Bible Project:

Other Ideas:

  • Read through Jesus' last week (Matthew 26-28, Mark 14 - 16, Luke 22-24, John 13, 15-20).  Take the time to reflect on what it was like for Jesus, His disciples and others.  What were they experiencing and/or feeling?  What does this say about God?  Jesus?  What's hard to believe?  How might the Holy Spirit be speaking to you personally?  
  • Attend a Good Friday gathering and follow that with a time of silence (no screens, other people, or distractions) for a specified period of time.  Allow yourself the time with God to reflect on Jesus' actions and to listen to God (uninterrupted).  This could be while sitting in your favorite chair journaling with a cup of tea, walking in the woods, or reading your Bible - whatever allows you the time and ability to listen.  (Yes, this can seem uncomfortable and hard to do at first, but you'll be blessed by giving God your undivided attention!)  Share how God encouraged you in this time with someone else.
  • Share a meal, giving everyone an opportunity to share how Jesus has been and is Good News in their life. 
  • Celebrate and remember Jesus' life and death by taking communion together (1 Corinthians 11:23-25).