Groups at Kettlebrook

Our vision at Kettlebrook is to be: A family of followers of Jesus helping others follow Jesus.

Groups - small groups, missional communities, or triads - are the primary way we flesh out this vision outside the Sunday gathering.  Significant growth happens as we experience more of life with each other and as people learn to disciple and encourage each other more fully in Jesus.  

In our groups, we want to live as a family.

We desire to live as spiritual family with one another.  In the same way we need biological family in order to reach maturity, we too need spiritual family to help us mature in following Jesus.  The more touches we have with one another, the more we are able to live as brothers and sisters in Christ with one another - encouraging, helping, teaching, serving, loving and growing together as God's family.  Ultimately, we want to love each other as family with the hope that others will see how we love each other and want to be a part of God's family, too!

In our groups, we want to be active followers of Jesus.

Since Jesus lived as a humble servant and laid his life down to love God and people, we are called to be humble servants as His followers.  As active followers of Jesus, we seek to take His posture and love and serve our fellow family members as well as those outside our families.

In our groups, we want to help others follow Jesus.

God calls each of us to be part of His mission - both locally and globally - to be disciple-making disciples.  Whether small groups, missional communities, or triads, our desire would be that all our groups be geared towards helping others follow Jesus.  This happens by group members being discipled to the point they then begin helping others follow Jesus - maybe even multiplying into a new group.  We know that in the same way that God has brought us into His family, He wants to use us to help others become a part of of His family!

Interested in more info or signing up for a group?

Types of small groups at Kettlebrook Church:

Small Group: Introductory group that meets regularly with the intent of becoming family, seeking to grow in their understanding of God, in their relationships with each other and as people living out the good news of Jesus. The small group’s mission outreach varies from individual to individual within the group.

Missional Community: A group seeking to live as spiritual family with one another so as to follow Jesus in the everyday of life and to reach out beyond the MC to help others follow Jesus. Their mission activity is the whole group with a singular mission focus.

Discipleship triad or quad: Same-sex groups of 3-4 people meeting regularly for encouragement, Bible Study, and accountability.

Contact a site pastor or Kettlebrook office at 262-365-0980, or fill out this online form.