sunday gatherings

summer gathering times*

West Bend: 9:00 am*

Kettlebrook Community Center

Summer childcare available for ages birth through pre-K

Jackson: 10:00 am*

Jackson Area Community Center

Summer childcare available for ages birth through pre-K

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*Changes to regular gathering times include:

6/30: 5th Sunday serving day

7/28: Fairgrounds - Clean up at 8:30am, Gathering at 9:30am

8/18: 10am Baptism Gathering at Pike Lake

8/25: 10am Combined Gathering in West Bend - Congregational Meeting and lunch to follow

9/1: 10am Combined Gathering in West Bend

what to expect on sundays

Our Sunday morning gatherings are an important piece in our mission as: A family of followers of Jesus helping others follow Jesus

By gathering together, we hope to inspire and instruct our (spiritual) family towards the good news of the true leader of our family: Jesus Christ. We do this through: singing songs that remind us of the good news of Jesus, hearing messages that seek to explain and apply the good news of Jesus, and hearing stories of how Jesus is changing lives within our family.

Our prayer would be that as you gather with us, you might be inspired in your own journey with Jesus - that you would experience His power and His presence - and you might see how Jesus can impact all of life.

You don't need to dress a certain way, know a certain amount about the Bible, or even yet follow Jesus to be a part of our gatherings.

Our Ministry to Children (birth to 5th grade) is staffed by competent and caring adults who have your children's best interest in mind. They will care for, teach, and engage children during the entire gathering time.