Welcome to kettlebrook.org

As you connect with us you will find we are normal, everyday people who are

a family of followers of Jesus helping others follow Jesus.

We are a spiritual family that have decided to follow this incredible man, Jesus Christ, and have begun to orient our lives around Him. We are at various points on our spiritual journey with Him… however, the important thing is not where we are, but what direction we are moving in.

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join us!

West Bend: 9:00 am & 10:30 am*

Kettlebrook Community Center

Children's Ministry, 9:00 am only

Jackson: 10:00 am*

Jackson Area Community Center

Children's Ministry available

Media Resources: 

Entire gathering: YouTube (live-streamed 9am)

Message only: Website

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KBC Calendar 

Weekly announcements: West BendJackson

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*Changes to normal gathering times include

  • 4/7/23 - Good Friday gatherings, West Bend 5 & 6:30pm
  • 4/30/23 - 5th Sunday, no regular gatherings (groups meet and serve together)
  • 6/4/23 - 8/20/23 - West Bend, 9am; Jackson - 10am
  • 7/30/23 - Washington County Fair combined gathering
  • 8/27/23 - 10am Combined gathering, West Bend (congregational meeting and lunch to follow)
  • 9/3/23 - 10am Combined gathering, West Bend