Kettlebrook seeks to partner with people who are taking the Good News of Jesus to places where:

Where the Name of Jesus is Not Known

Where the Church is Underrepresented

Where there Exists Intense Suffering

Eric and Mollie

serving in chad, africa

Eric, Mollie and their family live in Chad, Africa. Eric is a doctor and is working at the clinic in the village of Am Timam, as well as visiting villages for relationship building, healthcare, and outreach purposes. The area is 99% Muslim. The team's ultimate goal is to plant churches in Am Timam and the surrounding areas.

Geni and soni Begu

serving in eastern europe

Geni and Soni, along with their three children, moved from Albania to Kosovo to plant churches among the Kosovar Muslims. Geni, Soni and their team are expressing the love of God in practical ways and tangible ways, such as starting a school and serving their neighbors.

dave and rebecca

serving in southeast asia

After living in SE Asia since 1995, training, discipling, and encouraging Southeast Asian Christians to reach out to their Muslim neighbors, this family has relocated to the Chicagoland area to reach out to the 250 Million muslims living there. They continue to also disciple Muslim background Christians in SE Asia through regular trainings and trips. Their goal is that churches are planted, and ultimately, that Christ's name is praised and worshipped among the Muslim people of Southeast Asia and in the Chicagoland area.

Szabolcs Kerekes

Serving in Hungary

By building relationships where communication, honesty, and caring for others are valued, Szabolcs reaches out to both teens and adults who are skeptical of Christ and Christianity. Szabolcs is a sought after trainer for church leaders and pastors, and has written very cutting-edge ministry books for the Hungarian church.  

"B" Family

Serving in Russia

The "B" family have lived and served among unreached people groups in Russia for 25 years. They are the strategic coordinators and mentors for those serving among these groups.

friends of kettlebrook church

World relief     |     Esperanza Viva     |     Fresh Wind

World Relief

empowering the local church to serve the most vulnerable

More than a decade of conflict in the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has uprooted millions of people, caused widespread disease, and claimed over 5.4 million lives. Though blessed with land rich in mineral resources, 80% of Congolese live in extreme poverty conditions. In the middle of such instability and upheaval, World Relief is working with the church to respond to urgent needs. As one of the few remaining social infrastructures, the local church in DRC makes the most of limited resources to serve the vulnerable and stand as a beacon of hope and refuge.

Learn more: World Relief

World Relief Video

Living Hope: esperanza viva

rescuing children training leaders

Esperanza Viva, located in Puebla, Mexico, provides for the emotional, physical, educational, and social needs of at-risk children, youth, and families, as well as to equip, support, and send leaders to areas of need throughout the world. 

Learn more: Living Hope International

fresh wind

contagious love for colombia's children

Fresh Wind Children’s Center in Medellin, Colombia cares for children from 4 months to 14 years of age and their families, offering free and loving care Monday through Friday from 8am to 4pm.  In addition to free care, they also offer integrated programs directed toward the restoration of families and children in all aspects of their lives, including nutritional, medical, social, spiritual and psychological care.  The Foundation operates under solid Christian principles, focusing on connecting children and their families with the God of the universe, who loves them and calls them by name.

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