At Kettlebrook, we often say that we are an imperfect group of people, following after our perfect God revealed in the person of Jesus Christ.  We are seeking to be spiritual family to one another, realizing more and more our identity as God's sons and daughters through our faith in Christ.  We are seeking to live on mission, realizing that in the same way Jesus was sent from heaven to earth, to bring the good news of God's kingdom, we too are sent out into the world to show all who God is.  We are seeking to serve others, realizing that God, in the person of Jesus, took on flesh, not to be served but to serve and give his life as a ransom for many.  We have not arrived in any of these areas, but trust that as we increasingly come to know God, in the person and work of Jesus, we will grow to be more like him and to make him more known.  

We welcome you into the journey of following Jesus together with us!