Why Discipleship groups?

As the truths of the gospel of Jesus Christ begin to change our hearts, we will begin to see a resultant change in our lives.  Becoming more like Jesus takes intentionality, and as important as attending a 1-hour weekly worship gathering is for our spiritual health, it is insufficient as the only means of our discipleship.

Discipleship groups at Kettlebrook help people grow to better understand and apply the truths of the gospel to their everyday lives.  Through time together in the Scriptures, prayer, and relationship with a couple other men or women, discipleship groups allow others to better understand:

Who God is

What God has done for us in the person and work of Jesus Christ

Who we are as his dearly loved sons and daughters

And that we're actually invited and empowered to live out our new identities

by living on mission for him, showing and telling the world of his goodness.

Interested in more info or signing up for a group?

Contact a site pastor or Kettlebrook office at 262-365-0980, or fill out this online form.