ministry to women

God’s message is one of relationship and hope. We are meant to experience God’s presence and in response, be an expression of God and extend an invitation to others to follow Jesus. We believe that discovering God and living out the ways of Jesus is best done when walking with each other. Growing deeper relationally, learning together and discussing how to best live a life that honors God and the purposes for which we are called is an exciting journey.  Current opportunities are listed below.

Women's groups & events

  • MOPS (Mother's of Pre-Schoolers)

    MOPS is for moms with children who are not yet school-age. It's a great place to meet other Moms, be encouraged, learn, laugh, even cry and know that you (and your kids) are perfectly normal!

    MOPS Summer Park Schedule

    MOPS 2018-2019 Registration

    Contact Person: Becky Wood at

ministry to men

Biblical Manhood is defined as: Servant leadership modeled after Jesus Christ.  In order to point men to Biblical and authentic manhood, Kettlebrook's men's ministry provides one-time events, short-term groups, and huddles (groups of 3-6 men meeting regularly for accountability).  The purpose is to allow men to learn from each other and live out God's word.

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